You asked: How many PPP loans have been approved by the SBA?

Despite the system and process issues, the SBA approved almost 1.3 million PPP loans totaling $101 billion from Jan. 11 through Feb. 7. The program is scheduled to continue accepting applications through March 31.

How many PPP loans have been approved?

24, comes after a slow and relatively troubled rollout of the second phase of the program, which opened on Jan. 11 to some smaller lenders and ultimately Jan. 19 to all eligible lenders. Overall, the SBA approved 400,580 PPP loans for a total of $35 billion.

How many SBA PPP loans have been made?

This disclosure covers each of the 4.9 million PPP loans that have been made.

Is the SBA still approving PPP loans?

PPP Round Two Loan Totals: The Small Business Administration has approved $35 billion in Paycheck Protection Program loans since opening its loan portal on January 11, 2021, according to new agency data. That dollar figure spans 400,580 round two loans through January 24,2021.

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What are the rules for PPP loan forgiveness?

PPP forgiveness for self-employed individuals

You are eligible to claim 2.5 months’ worth of your 2019 or 2020 net profit to replace pay. If you didn’t have any other payroll expenses factoring into your PPP loan amount, this means your entire PPP loan could be forgiven for the 24-week period.

How long does it take SBA to approve PPP loan?

But, that doesn’t include the time it takes for the lender to approve the loan, which could tack on another few weeks. So, instead of 60-90 days, you’re looking at 30-60 days for the SBA loan processing time when all is said and done.

Will SBA release list of PPP recipients?

A federal court judge has ordered the Small Business Administration to release information on all recipients of Paycheck Protection Program loans and Economic Injury Disaster Loans. That includes the names of loan recipients and loan amounts.

Can you see who got PPP loans?

You can search by organization, lender, zip code, or business type. The PPP is part of the CARES Act, which passed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. … The Trump administration finally released the names of some of the companies that have received PPP loans over $150,000.

Can I find out if my employer received a PPP loan?

Q: How can I find out if my employer has applied for or received a PPP loan? In most cases, employers will notify their workers if they receive PPP funds because they will need to call them back to work so they can have the loan forgiven.

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What is the difference between an SBA loan and a PPP loan?

The loans are made available through the Small Business Administration (SBA) under the CARES Act. … EIDLs offer advances up to $10,000 that do not need to be repaid, while PPP loans provide small business loans equal to 2.5 times their average monthly payroll, up to $10 million.

How do I check my SBA PPP loan status?

Contact The SBA Directly

Try contacting your local SBA district office for information on the status of your application. You can also try emailing the SBA at for information.

Will SBA loans be forgiven?

The SBA does not forgive the debt of businesses that are still in operation. Once the bank has determined you won’t be able to pay back your loan, the SBA will step in to work with them. The SBA will pay off 50-75% of your debt to the bank.

What documents are needed for PPP loan forgiveness?

How to Get Your PPP Loan Forgiven

  • Name of your business: business legal name, DBA, trade name (if applicable)
  • Business Tax Identification Number (TIN): Social Security number (SSN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • SBA loan number.
  • Your PPP loan amount.
  • EIDL advance amount (if you got one)

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What is the deadline for PPP loan forgiveness?

There is no deadline to apply for PPP loan forgiveness. Lenders will continue accepting PPP forgiveness applications so long as borrowers have PPP loans. It’s recommended you apply for forgiveness before you need to make your first PPP loan payment. Here’s why.

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What if my PPP loan is not forgiven?

What if my loan isn’t forgiven in full? You will have to repay any amount of the PPP loan that is not forgiven at a 1% interest over a 5 year term. Loan payments will be deferred for six months but will start incurring interest immediately. PPP loans have no fees and no prepayment penalties.

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