Who is not eligible for gas subsidy?

The Government has decided that the benefit of the LPG subsidy will not be available for LPG consumers if the consumer or his/her spouse had taxable income of more than Rs 10,00,000/- during the previous financial year computed as per the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What is the rule of gas subsidy?

Government increases subsidy prices for LPG by 60%

Under the scheme introduced by the government, 12 subsidised cylinders of 14.2 kg each is distributed to each household. This is done by transferring the subsidy amount directly in the bank account of the beneficiary of the scheme.

Is gas subsidy stopped 2020?

New Delhi: The government has completely eliminated the need to provide subsidy on domestic cooking gas as the global fall in oil prices and frequent rise in LPG gas cylinder price has brought the price of the common man’s fuel closer to market rates.

What is opted out of subsidy?

Accordingly, the Government has launched the ‘Opt out of subsidy’ scheme which is aimed at motivating LPG users who can afford to pay the market price for LPG, voluntarily surrender their LPG subsidy. If you want to be a part of the Nation-Building exercise, do opt out of subsidy today.

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How can I check my gas subsidy status?

How To Check LPG Subsidy Status Online?

  1. Click on “click here to know your LPG ID” on the page. ( …
  2. A pop-up will prompt you to choose your distributor’s company: Bharat Gas/ HP Gas/ Indane. …
  3. The landing paper will ask you customer details. …
  4. Then enter Captcha code and click on “Proceed.”
  5. Your LPG ID should be visible at the lower end of the page.

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What is LPG subsidy amount?

The subsidy amount on domestic cylinders depends on the city and it falls in the range between Rs 420 – Rs 465 for a 14.2 kg cylinder. In case of a non-domestic LPG cylinder, the subsidy rates fall between Rs 593 – Rs 605 per cylinder.

How many gas cylinders can I get in a month 2020?

Currently, the government subsidises 12 cylinders of 14.2 kilograms each per household every year. The consumer has to make any additional purchases of LPG cylinders at the market price. The amount of subsidy provided by the government on the annual quota of 12 refills varies from month to month.

What happens if LPG subsidy is not received?

LPG Subsidy Helpline

The helpline number of the DBTL Grievance Cell is 1800-2333-555. There are a number of cases of individuals who have not received their subsidy and the reasons are generally one of the above. Contacting either the gas agency or bank will generally sort the issue out.

Is LPG subsidy stopped in May 2020?

2020 have gone down to the lowest near the subsidized price of LPG, there will be no subsidy for the LPG refills delivered in the month of May and June 2020. When there is a variation in LPG prices in future, subsidies will be adjusted accordingly,” it said recently in response to a customer complaint on subsidy.

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Who is eligible for LPG subsidy?

As per this directive, individuals who have an annual income of Rs. 10 lakh or more cannot avail LPG subsidy. This income could either be the income of a particular individual or the income of his/her spouse.

How do I give up subsidies?

Online Procedures to Surrender Bharat Gas Give up LPG Subsidy

  1. Go to the official website of Bharat Gas.
  2. Click on the link that says ‘How to Give Up Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy’.
  3. At the top of the website, you will find an option for giving up your LPG subsidy.
  4. Click on that option and you will be navigated to a new section.

How can I get my LPG subsidy back?

Claim it back? Anyone planning to receive cooking gas subsidy must submit a request to her gas agency with a declaration that her annual income is Rs 10 lakh or less. Aadhaar and bank account details would also be necessary for receiving the benefit.

How can I start my LPG subsidy again?

Visit website https://rasf.uidai.gov.in Press the Start now button and follow the procedure. You also have to link your Aadhaar number with your bank account, if not already done so, to become eligible for transfer of subsidy in your bank account.

How can I get gas subsidy Online?

By Hand: Submit Form 2 to the LPG distributor directly. Via Call Centre: Call 1800-2333-555 and follow the insructions to register the Aadhaar Number. On Internet: Log on to www.rasf.uiadai.gov.in and follow the procedure.

How can I check my indane subsidy?

You can also download the Indane gas app. Once you land on the homepage, click on the LPG Cylinder image on the website. A complaint box will open where you are required to write ‘Subsidy status’ and then Click on the ‘Proceed’ tab. Then click on the Subsidy Related (PAHAL) button.

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How can I get my 16 digit LPG ID?

If the customer’s number is already registered in Indane records, IVRS will prompt the 16-digit consumer ID. Please note that this 16-digit consumer ID is mentioned on the customer’s Indane LPG invoices / cash memos / subscription voucher.

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