You asked: How much is the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship?

Those who continue in school and meet eligibility criteria are rewarded with $4,000 for both sophomore and junior years and $5,000 for senior year. At two-year institutions, students receive $1,000 for the first year and $3,000 for the second.

How much is the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship?

Currently, the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship provides $1,000 for the first year; $4,000 for the second year; $4,000 for the third year and $5,000 for the fourth year. Students attending two-year colleges will receive $1,000 the first year and $3,000 the second year.

What are the requirements for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship?

  • Maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA.
  • Complete 27 semester hours the first academic year and 30 semester hours each year thereafter.
  • Complete all remedial courses during the first 30 hours taken after receipt of the scholarship.

What is the Arkansas Lottery Challenge scholarship?

The Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship (Arkansas Challenge) provides assistance to Arkansas residents pursing a higher education and is partially funded by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery and is the most common form of state aid available.

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Does the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship transfer?

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education shall disburse scholarship and loan funds to the approved institution of the student’s choice. … A recipient who has received an Academic Challenge Scholarship may transfer the scholarship or loan to another approved Arkansas institution of higher education, provided that: 1.

What GPA do you need to keep the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship?

To maintain eligibility, students must keep a 2.5 GPA, take 30 hours each year and be an Arkansas resident for 12 months prior to enrollment. Lottery proceeds also fund workforce training opportunities through the Arkansas Workforce Challenge Scholarship.

What are two scholarships everyone can apply for in Arkansas?

  • YOUniversal Scholarship Application. The YOUniversal Scholarship application determines your eligibility for all of the state government-sponsored scholarships. …
  • Ann Burns Smith Scholarship Endowment. …
  • RaiseMe. …
  • Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship. …
  • Niche “No Essay” College Scholarship. …
  • Shofur National Video Scholarship.

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How do I apply for the AR lottery scholarship?

How To Apply. Visit the Department of Higher Education’s website,, and complete the Arkansas YOUniversal Scholarship Application or download the free YOUniversal app for your smart phone. The online YOUniversal application is your one-stop shop for state and lottery funded financial aid.

How much is the Arkansas future grant?

Grant provides $1000 grants to full-time and $500 grants to part-time students based on financial need. Students must be an Arkansas resident for at least 12 months prior to applying for the grant.

What is an academic challenge?

Q: What is Academic Challenge? A: Academic Challenge is a competition much like the game show Jeopardy, but competition occurs in a team format rather than individually.

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Can you buy lottery tickets online in Arkansas?

You can buy Arkansas Lottery tickets at any authorized retailer in the state. Cash is the only accepted method of payment. Tickets are not sold through the mail or online for state games, but lotteries played across the country, like Powerball and Mega Millions, are available to play online.

What is the deadline for the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship?

This week, we want to remind you of a quickly approaching deadline for incoming and returning college students. The deadline to apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship is July 1.

Deadline for Scholarship Application July 1st.

Four Year College Two Year College
Year 3 $4000
Year 4 $5000

Is the lottery scholarship federal student aid?

The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is automatically awarded to qualified students beginning the second semester of their freshman year. No application is necessary; however, we strongly recommend that you complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Do I have to reapply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship?

You do not have to reapply for the Academic Challenge Scholarship, the Governor’s Scholarships, the Law Enforcement Officers program, the Military Dependents Scholarship, or the Arkansas Health Education Grants. … Grant) is also renewed automatically, but you must complete a new FAFSA each year to show continued need.

How much is the lottery scholarship?

The scholarship pays up to $2,265 of tuition per semester for the 2020/2021 academic year – it does NOT cover mandatory student fees or course fees.

What does Adhe mean?


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Acronym Definition
ADHE Arkansas Department of Higher Education
ADHE Bifunctional Aldehyde/Alcohol Dehydrogenase (biology)
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