What is the climax of the scholarship jacket?

Inciting Incident: Teachers were discriminating against Marta, and debating giving the Scholarship Jacket to a white girl with a powerful father, even though Marta earned it. Climax: Marta tells principal she won’t pay for the jacket because of what her grandfather said.

What is the rising action of the scholarship jacket?

The rising action begins when Martha forgets her gym shorts and hears an argument between two teachers. They are arguing about who deserves the scholarship jacket. One teacher wants to falsify records and give it to someone who has not earned it.

What is the conflict in the scholarship jacket?

The conflict is that Martha wants to get the Scholarship Jacket because she has gotten straight A’s for as long as she could remember. However, the principal of the school says that she has to pay $15 to get the jacket or he will give the jacket to the runner up in the competition.

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What does the scholarship jacket represent?

The jacket represents determination and hard work and it also represents people getting what they deserve no matter their class religion race etc.

Is the scholarship jacket a true story?

“The Scholarship Jacket” is one of the best-known stories by Mexican-American author Marta Salinas. It describes a difficult situation that Martha, a Mexican-American girl from Texas, is faced with after she earns excellent grades in school. … This one, the scholarship jacket, was our only chance.

What is the theme of scholarship jacket?

We believe that the theme of “The Scholarship Jacket” is that you should fight for your rights and don’t give into the discrimination of others.

Who is the antagonist in the scholarship jacket?

Antagonist. protagonist: Marta was nice to her grand-perents. In the end principal give the jacket to the right person(marta). Antagonist: Marta’s teacher because she didn’t like marta and because she didn’t like her because she was poor.

Why is the principal unhappy in the scholarship jacket?

What did the principal tell Martha about the scholarship jacket? Principal told Martha that the jacket would cost $15. Martha went home sad. … He was very upset that she couldn’t afford to pay for the jacket so he made an exception for her and she is getting the jacket even though she did not and pay for it.

What is the main idea of the story the scholarship jacket?

In “The Scholarship Jacket”, Martha learns a difficult lesson about not compromising to get the very thing that she has rightfully earned. This story addresses themes such as discrimination and perseverance.

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Who is the scholarship jacket awarded to each year?

It’s a jacket given to the student who has earned the highest grades for eight years. What does Marta learn when she accidentally overhears two teachers arguing? She learns that she might not receive the scholarship jacket even though she has the highest grades.

Why was the principal uncomfortable and unhappy?

Why was the principal ‘uncomfortable and unhappy’? Answer: He was uncomfortable and unhappy because that year a new rule was brought by the Board that the student who is to be given the scholarship jacket should pay an amount of 15 dollars.

What does Mr Schmidt want in the scholarship jacket?

Mr. Boone wants Mr. Schmidt to help falsify records so another girl, Joann, can win the scholarship jacket.

Who is the main character in the scholarship jacket?

The main characters are Martha, her grandfather/grandmother, the principal, Mr. Boone, and Mr. Schmidt. The story talks about the traditional, scholarship jacket that hands out to an 8th grader every year that maintains highest grades/ straight As for eight years.

Who is the scholarship jacket by?

“The Scholarship Jacket” is one of several short stories Salinas has published in journals and collections. The main character in “The Scholarship Jacket” is a Mexican- American girl who lives in Texas. The history of Tejanos, or Texas Mexicans, dates back more than 200 years.

What did Martha learn in the scholarship jacket?

That if it is a scholarship jacket, it shouldn’t cost anything. If they have to pay for it, it isn’t a scholarship. What important lesson does Martha’s grandfather teach her in the end? He teaches her to stand up for herself, and if the jacket is a reward she shouldn’t have to pay.

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How did Grandpa respond to the idea of paying for the scholarship jacket?

Answer: The principal was disturbed as he felt guilty of his decision which the grand-father had rightly turned down.

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