What is a scholarship boy in the achievement of desire?

A scholarship boy is defined by Hoggart as a child who tries to separate himself from his family because of the embarrassment of association. He is the “odd man out.” (848). However the tone used by Rodriguez in “The Achievement of Desire” is more nostalgic and melancholy than embarrassed.

What is a scholarship boy?

Rodriguez discovers a parallel between his own life and the life of what Hoggart coins as a “scholarship boy.” A scholarship boy is defined as a child from a working-class family who feels as if he “cannot afford to admire his parents… [so] he concentrates on the benefits that education will bestow on him.” (566).

What is the achievement of Desire about?

Richard Rodriguez’s “The Achievement of Desire” is a retrospective style essay, where he explains the extraordinary educational experiences he endures and the cultural conflicts he undergoes. … Richard’s ambition to learn, and to be like his teachers, separated him from his cultural background.

When was the achievement of Desire published?

ERIC – EJ190297 – The Achievement of Desire: Personal Reflections on Learning “Basics.”, College English, 1978. The Achievement of Desire: Personal Reflections on Learning “Basics.”

What was Rodriguez’s parents attitude toward reading?

His parents never encouraged him to read and thought the only time you needed to read, was for work. Since his parents never encouraged Rodriguez to read it effected how he perceived books. During school Rodriguez would hear teachers talk about how books needed to be cared for and how they open your mind.

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What does Rodriguez mean by the fellowship between a reader and a writer?

When Rodriguez says, “fellowship between a reader and a writer”, he realizes the connection that a reader and a writer can have through the power of words. This means that he was able to imagine what the author was trying to portray and sees the images in his head.

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