Is the Terry Scholarship a full ride?

The Terry Foundation provides full-ride scholarships that are renewable for up to four years to Texas high school students. These students are selected from a highly competitive pool of incoming freshmen who have excelled in academics, demonstrated leadership and have financial need.

What does the Terry Scholarship cover?

The Traditional Scholarship funds incoming freshmen who have graduated from a Texas high school and will attend one of the Terry-affiliated universities for the fall semester following graduation. The scholarship covers up to eight full semesters of undergraduate education and is renewable annually during that time.

What is a Terry Scholar?

The Terry Freshman Scholarship, known as the Terry Traditional Scholarship, is awarded to Texas high school seniors who have been accepted for admission to one of the Terry-affiliated public universities in Texas.

How much is the Terry Foundation scholarship worth?

In addition, each Terry Scholar is eligible to receive a study abroad stipend in the amount of $5000 to fund their study abroad experience. Between the 2015-19 academic years, 85 Terry Scholars received over $750,000 from the Terry Foundation to fund their study abroad experiences.

How many Terry Scholars are there?

Texas Tech University and The Terry Foundation have announced the names of 20 students receiving Terry Scholarships, increasing the total number of scholars in the program to 285 with projected contributions to students at Texas Tech reaching more than $15 million since 2011.

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Does UT Austin give full rides?

The most prestigious merit award at UT Austin is the full-ride Forty Acres Scholarship, provided to 14-18 outstanding applicants each year from a list of more than 50 finalists. … “UT Austin has collaborated with RaiseMe to encourage students to consider the university when they begin their college search.

Does UT give scholarships?

UT Offers over 3,000 scholarships to incoming and current students. UT Austin assists students in applying for financial aid and awards both university and private scholarships to help students pay for their undergraduate education. …

Does Texas A&M offer full ride scholarships?

The Brockman Scholarship covers full tuition and fees, room and board, books, transportation and miscellaneous fees while also funding opportunities such as internships, study abroad and leadership development programs—making it the most all-inclusive scholarship offered at Texas A&M.

What scholarships does Texas A&M offer?


  • President’s Endowed Scholarship.
  • Endowed Opportunity Award.
  • Foundation Excellence Award.
  • Regents’ Scholarship.
  • Study Abroad Scholarships.
  • Aggie Veteran Scholarship.
  • Support the Keepers of the Spirit: AGGIE CADETS.
  • Southerland Aggie Leader Scholarship.

What is the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship?

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is a highly-selective scholarship for the nation’s top community college students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees at selective four-year colleges or universities.

Does UT Austin give National Merit Scholarships?

The university will end its National Merit Scholarship program — worth about $13,000 per student — beginning with entering freshmen next fall. “Some people mistakenly feel that this is a signal that UT-Austin is no longer interested in recruiting high-achieving students.

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What is the Davidson Fellows Scholarship?

The Davidson Fellows scholarship program recognizes outstanding achievements of profoundly gifted young people who have developed their talents by contributing a significant piece of work in one of these submission areas: Mathematics, Science, Technology, Music, Literature, Philosophy or Outside the Box.

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