Frequent question: How do you keep your 21st century scholarship?

Can I lose my 21st century scholarship?

There are a few ways to lose your 21st Century Scholarship, like not meeting credit completion requirements, not filing the FAFSA on time, not completing the college Scholar Success Program, or not maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP).

How long does 21st century scholars last?

It is valid for eight (8) semesters of full-time enrollment at Indiana two- and four-year colleges. The scholarship must be used within eight (8) years of activation. Students must enroll at an eligible Indiana college or university within one year of graduating high school.

What steps must a 21st Century Scholar take to remain eligible for the 21st Century Scholarship *?

Complete all 12 Scholar Success Program requirements and track them in ScholarTrack by June 30, 2018. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15 of your senior year of high school. Graduate from high school with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Earn a Core 40 Diploma.

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What is the income limit for 21st Century Scholars?

A family of four is eligible if their income is at or below $45,510. Families can check if they meet income guidelines on the website The 21st Century Scholar program will award students up to $28,808 annually, which reflects the maximum cost of attending Indiana’s public colleges.

How do you know if your a 21st Century Scholar?

A: In order to earn the 21st Century Scholarship, a student must graduate with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale, earn a Core 40 diploma or higher, and complete the Scholar Success program, including filing the FAFSA on time.

What is the 21st Century Scholarship Program?

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program provides up to four years of undergraduate tuition* to income-eligible students at participating colleges or universities in Indiana**, as well as step-by-step guidance and support to make sure they succeed in college and receive support to finish their degree.

Does 21st Century Scholars pay for Ivy Tech?

As a 21st Century Scholar, your scholarship covers 100% of the cost of 30 credit hours per academic year! … Earn a degree at Ivy Tech and then transfer your credits and your award to a four-year school.

Does Purdue accept 21st century scholars?

— The state’s higher education commission has honored Purdue University for its work in helping 21st Century Scholars students. … The 21st Century Scholars program offers income-eligible in-state students up to four years of paid tuition at an eligible Indiana college or university after they graduate from high school.

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Is 21st Century Scholarship taxable?

The award covers tuition and fees to enroll in or attend an educational institution. The award covers fees, books, supplies and equipment required for your courses. The award is tax-free only as long as you use it for the purposes outlined above.

When did the 21st century start?

January 1, 2001

What is a 21st century student?

21st century learning is the constellation of learner characteristics which equips students to enjoy a high quality of life, work and relationships by being resilient, intentional, creative and confident learners who understand the value of collaboration, the relationship of effort to results and the need to be …

When did 21st Century Scholars?

History. Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars Program began in 1990 to ensure that every Hoosier student can afford the opportunity provided by a college degree. Today, eligible students who keep the Scholar Pledge to excellence in school and life receive a Scholarship to help pay for their college education.

What can help me pay for college?

Here are seven other ways to help pay for college:

  • Grants. Colleges, states, and the federal government give out grants, which don’t need to be repaid. …
  • Ask the college for more money. …
  • Work-study jobs. …
  • Apply for private scholarships. …
  • Take out loans. …
  • Claim a $2,500 tax credit. …
  • Live off campus or enroll in community college.

What is dollar scholars?

As the nation’s most extensive grassroots scholarship program, Dollars for Scholars provides a wealth of student assistance by harnessing the power of community—thousands of volunteers and donors empowering students in their own backyards.

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What is Self Help Aid?

There are two basic types of financial aid — gift aid and self-help aid. Like the name says, gift aid is assistance received that does not typically have to be repaid. Self-help aid includes work opportunities and loans, and is called self-help because the individual takes responsibility for receiving this type of aid.

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