Learning Hub

Sorry, the GMS Learning Hub is no longer available

The GMS project closed in October 2017, and consequently the Learning Hub is no longer available. If you wish to access the GMS virtual training courses and materials, they will be made available on our partners’ platforms:

Also, to stay updated on Global Fund changes, you can sign up for newsletters and notices of webinars by emailing a2f@theglobalfund.org with your request to be added to their mailing list.

The GMS Learning Hub, a virtual learning platform, offers GMS consultants and other technical-support providers professional development training modules within their areas of expertise and on cross-cutting topics. Consultants can complete interactive courses to gain Global Fund–related knowledge and build skills, exchange ideas in discussion forums, and access archived content on demand.

Access at: https://learning.gmsproject.org/

(Registration is required but free of charge.)

Available courses include these–all in English and, where noted, also in other languages:

  • Courses related to country coordinating mechanisms (CCM)
    • Symposium Series on Strategic Technical Support to CCMs
      • Getting Started: Engaging Heads, Hearts, and Hands
      • Making CCMs More Strategic: Frameworks
      • Oversight Strengthening
  • Courses related to principal recipients (PR)
    • Implementation Mapping Webinars (also available in French, Spanish)
    • Risk Management
      • Risk Management Basics
      • Risk Management: The GRAM Tool
    • Health Products Management
      • Strengthening Storage and Distribution in Global Fund Grants
  • Courses related to dashboards
    • PR Dashboard Basics (also available in French)
    • CCM Summary Basics (also available in French)