GMS collaborative projects


Occasionally, GMS is called upon by USAID or by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) to apply its expertise to address a common problem faced by a multiple grant recipients or country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs) that is not conducive to being resolved through technical-support assignments to individual countries. When such requests materialize, the solution to the common problem must sometimes be developed through collaborative projects among GMS, the Global Fund and other actors. In recent years, GMS has implemented the following collaborative projects involving multilateral actors,  bilateral actors and actors in the for-profit sector.

Developing and piloting the Principal Recipient Management Dashboard through a public-private partnership

From 2013 through 2015, GMS collaborated with the Global Fund and the German multinational technological giant SAP SE to develop and pilot test the Principal Recipient (PR) Management Dashboard. The need for developing this tool had been identified during GMS’s first five years (2007-12). At that time, many principal recipients (PRs) that had been exposed to the grant dashboard for CCMs that GMS developed in 2009 expressed the wish to have a similar management data-display tool to help with the monitoring of their grants.

The PR Management Dashboard helps PRs track key grant-management indicators using a one-page visual display with a drill-down layer for subrecipient information. Developers from GMS, the Global Fund and SAP contributed to development of the two applications that comprise this tool. SAP contributed 160 free software licenses during the pilot phase of this project, and GMS managed the piloting of this tool in 6 countries in 2014. SAP subsequently agreed to provide additional licenses to countries wishing to adopt use of dashboards at a 90% discount. The PR Management Dashboard has been used in 21 countries. Click here to find out more about GMS’s work with developing dashboards and supporting their use in countries receiving Global Fund financing.

Facilitating  sharing of lessons learned on effective strategies for improving grant funds absorption 

In the lead-up to the Global Fund’s 2016 Replenishment Conferenc (in 2015), the Global Fund identified persistently low funds absorption by PRs in the West Africa region and Central Africa region as a problem needing to be urgently addressed. The Global Fund therefore called on GMS to structure and facilitate a dialogue among 10 countries from these regions in July 2015 that would result in country action plans for improving funds absorption. One year later, the Global Fund requested that GMS help reconvene these countries to learn what improvements in funds absorption had occurred following implementation of the action plans and to identify regional solutions to address obstacles to both funds absorption and grant performance. Read more about this work on the page Our Results.