Results from assistance to country coordinating mechanisms

U.S. government approved 70 assignments for CCM-related technical support by GMS

In GMS’s latest project year (October 2015 to October 2016), the U.S. government approved 7 requests for technical support related to country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs). These 7 requests bring to 70 the number of CCM-related assignments the government approved for GMS to carry out during the period October 2012 to October 2016.

The photos to the left and immediately below are from GMS’s work providing technical support to the Somali Global Fund Steering Committee.

GMS’s key results on CCM assignments are summarized in the next section.




Cumulative results at the end of September 2016

GMS continued its 6- and 12-month post-assignment monitoring of achievement on CCM technical-support related indicators. Immediate and intermediate results from GMS’s key CCM-related performance monitoring plan (or PMP) indicators were as follows.

  • 100% of CCMS who received technical support  met eligibility requirements (target was 80%)
  • 80% of CCMs had improved functioning after receiving GMS technical support (target was 70%)
  • 71% of CCMs were conducting oversight-related activities after receiving technical support (target was 70%)
  • 70% of CCMs GMS supported were using dashboards for oversight GMS  after receiving support (target was 80%)


  • 65 CCMs had their structural or procedural documentation completed or updated by GMS teams
  • 49 oversight plans were developed
  • 18 new CCM dashboards were developed with GMS support

Success stories and news

Picture of a participants in a GMS work session

Somali Global Fund Steering committee shows major progress

In October 2016, the Somali Global Fund Steering Committee (GFSC) completed its offline eligibility and performance assessment (EPA) and mapped future activities to bolster structure, performance and representation in its performance improvement plan.  EPA findings:  the GFSC complies with over 60% of Global Fund requirements and standards—a strong initial performance.  Completion of the EPA is the culmination of two years of GFSC work to align its framework and structures to Global Fund oversight, conflict of interest, civil society engagement and requirements to represent key populations.

GMS’s forthcoming annual report on its fourth project year will have more detail about its work with the GFSC.

Image of GMS and LMG collaboration

New resource available to guide technical support to CCMs

GMS  collaborated with the LMG Project and the Global Fund CCM Hub to develop a CCM Orientation Package.

GMS provided support to LMG on the instructional design elements of the CCM Orientation Package as a whole (both virtual and face-to-face components), including design and facilitation of a two-day face-to-face introduction to the package for 14 participants envisioned to carry out the face-to-face components of the CCM Orientation Package in September 2016.

Participants were guided through the process of facilitating CCMs to undergo orientation for new members. This face-to-face event was part of the testing and validation of the content of the CCM Orientation Package with experienced CCM consultants prior to its finalization.

Picture of a open sky mine

TB in the Mining Sector: The tale of a regional coordinating mechanism

A regional grant from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria called TB in the Mining Sector in Southern Africa (TIMS) aims to provide services to current and ex-mine workers. TIMS works in 10 countries with some of the world’s highest rates of tuberculosis incidence. Governance rests with a regional coordinating mechanism (RCM), whose secretariat the World Bank’s Pretoria office hosts. RCM members–35 from 10 countries–represent the private sector, civil society, key populations and development partners.

Guided by the RCM’s performance-improvement plan, GMS helped the RCM build its oversight capacity and enhance stakeholder ownership of the program. GMS concluded its assignment with orientation for all CCM members and for members of the CCM’s executive and oversight committees.