Our Approach to measuring Results

The strong emphasis Grant Management Solutions (GMS) places on measuring and analyzing the impact of its work reflects its commitment to quality. GMS’s performance measurement plan (PMP) encapsulates the immediate and intermediate outcomes the project expects to achieve. Data to measure the outcome of technical support are systematically collected in an online reporting application and through comments from clients and other stakeholders.

GMS monitors its work using cumulative indicators for the full period of the project to date (2012-present) across its three objectives and their subobjectives. To date, GMS has mostly met or surpassed its targets for results and client satisfaction.

Requesters of technical support from GMS make requests through USAID, and, on approval, USAID assigns them to GMS. In GMS’s most recent project year (October 1, 2015, through September 30, 2016) thirty-four assignments were approved for GMS to carry out. Since October 2012, GMS has received 161 assignments.


Watch the video below for a summary of GMS results for the full project period (2012 – 2017).