How do you use land grant in a sentence?

They desired a freer land-grant system, protection against the inroads of the Indians along the border, and frequent sessions of an assembly to be chosen by all the freeholders.

What is an example of a land grant?

A government grant of public land for a railroad, highway, or state college. An appropriation of public land by the government for a railroad, state college, etc. Designating any of a number of colleges and universities originally given federal aid, esp.

What does land grant mean?

A land grant is a gift of real estate – land or its use privileges – made by a government or other authority as an incentive, means of enabling works, or as a reward for services to an individual, especially in return for military service.

What were land grants used for?

Land grant maps were frequently used by land speculators to advertise railroad lands for sale to the public. As early as 1868 most western railroads established profitable land departments and bureaus of immigration, with offices in Europe, to sell land and promote foreign settlement in the western United States.

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How do you use the word grant in a sentence?

Use “grant” in a sentence | “grant” sentence examples

  1. The school has received a large capital grant to improve its buildings.
  2. His rareness disinclined me to grant his request.
  3. They’d got a special grant to encourage research.
  4. The full student maintenance grant was rather less than £2 000.
  5. The grant helped defray the expenses of the trip.

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What are three types of land grants?

Land Grants in a Nutshell

  • Private Grants. Entire grant is owned by one (or a few) individuals as their private property. …
  • Community Grants. Large tracts of land granted to a substantial number of people (usually from 10 to 100. …
  • Hybrid or Quasi-Community grants.

What is a private land grant?

A land-grant university (also called land-grant college or land-grant institution) is an institution of higher education in the United States designated by a state to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890.

Who received land grants?

These land grants were made by Congress to four types of recipients: the states; business corporations; veterans and their dependents; and farmer-settlers.

What is a synonym for land grant?

noun. (

Synonyms. allotment awarding allocation block grant subsidisation apportioning parcelling parceling award subsidization assignation apportionment grant-in-aid. Antonyms.

What is the system of land grants?

The system of giving land as grants was adopted as a strategic tool to extend Brahmanical practices and to provide scope for the expansion of agriculture. 4. The kings wanted to make allies as the weakening of the powers was evident.

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How did land grants take from society?

So the federal government passed the Pacific Railroad Act that provided land grants to railroads. … The idea was that with railroad expansion in new territory, settlers would follow, establish communities, and increase the value of land. Railroads could sell their portions of land and profit from their investment.

Do land grants still exist?

Land grants were readily available at the turn of the century, but these were mainly awarded to railroad and other transcontinental transportation companies. … Today you can still receive the same type of free land grants, but they are known by different titles.

What happened to the land grants already made?

Answer: The land grants that had already been made is discussed below in details. Explanation: … So the federal government legislated the Pacific Railroad Act that granted land grants to railroads.

What are the 4 types of grants?

There are actually just four main types of grant funding. This publication provides descriptions and examples of competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through grants to give you a basic understanding of funding structures as you conduct your search for possible sources of support.

What is definition of Grant?

1 : the act of granting. 2 : something granted especially : a gift (as of land or money) for a particular purpose. 3a : a transfer of property by deed or writing.

What does grant mean name?

Grant as a boy’s name is pronounced grant. It is of English and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Grant is “tall, big”.

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