Mission and objectives

GMS’s mandate includes three objectives. To carry them out, its staff and consultants provide country-specific assistance designed and timed to best respond to the needs of country coordinating mechanisms (CCMs), principal recipients (PRs) and subrecipients (SRs) of grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The aim of all GMS’s support is to help CCMs, which are national oversight bodies, and PRs, which are the main grant implementers and signatories of grant agreements with the Global Fund, to improve performance of programs Global Fund grants fund. The goal is to yield better quality and more effective programs to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

What are GMS’s three objectives?

Objective 1: Provide urgent, short-term, technical support to Global Fund grantees in (1) governance and leadership, (2) financial and grant management, (3) health products management (some know this as procurement and supply management), (4) monitoring and evaluation and reporting.

GMS’s unique form of support allows countries to ask for exactly the kind of help they need most to succeed in implementing their Global Fund grants and is almost always provided in the requesting country’s native language.

Objective 2: In line with the tenets of USAID Forward, scale up the number of individuals and institutions that have knowledge of the Global Fund and can provide high-quality management support to Global Fund grantees : CCMs, PRs, and SRs. To this end, GMS trains consultants, engages them to participate in GMS’s short-term technical assignments, and implements a strengthening program for regional organizations, known as “regional partners.” GMS aims to develop the capacity of these regional organizations, and of individual consultants, so that they, rather than GMS or others, may offer urgent technical support to improve performance of CCMs, PRs, and SRs.

Objective 3: Develop tools and other materials for the Global Fund community and platforms for sharing them; make these resources widely available. GMS meets this objective several ways. The project developed a document repository. In 2013 GMS began work with SAP and the Global Fund to create the PR Management Dashboard—a dashboard tool—and its associated user guides for countries and technical-support providers. This tool and guides in several languages are now available on the Global Fund website (search for “PR Management Dashboard”). GMS also created the CCM Summary, for CCMs; more resources are or will be available to help PRs and SRs.